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Slate for Officers and Board for 2014-2016 Announced

In accordance with the By-Laws of MassFed, the Nominating Committee has discussed the proposed slate and received the assent of the persons listed below to serve as Officers and Board members for the organization during the 2014-2016 cycle:

President: Virginia Rowland
Vice President: Darci Brown
Corresponding Secretary: Julie Rembrandt Seeley
Recording Secretary: Cynthia Stark
Treasurer: Rebecca Leonard

Board Members:
Linda Gagnon
John Kenney
John Seeley
Kyle Shaffer
Holly Sheltry

Respectfully Submitted,
Darci Brown, Chair
Caryl Crouse
Donna Kiuru

The Federation Year,
Annual Meeting, Elections

SECTION 1. Federation Year. The Federation's fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the 31st day of December. The Federation's official year shall begin immediately at the conclusion of the election at the annual meeting and shall continue through the election of the next annual meeting.

SECTION 2. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting shall be held in the month of October at which Officers and Directors for the ensuing year shall be elected by secret, written ballot from among those nominated in accordance with Section 4 of this Article. They shall take office immediately upon conclusion of the election and each retiring officer shall turn over to his successor in office all properties and records relating to that office within 30 days after the election.

SECTION 3. Elections. The nominated candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected. The five nominated candidates for other positions on the Board who receive the greatest number of votes for such positions shall be declared elected. In each instance one vote may represent the associate members' single consensus vote.

SECTION 4. Nominations. No person may be a candidate in a Federation election who has not been nominated. During the month of April (even years), the Board shall select a Nominating Committee consisting of three members and two alternates, not more than one of whom may be a member of the Board. The Corresponding Secretary shall immediately notify the committeemen and alternates of their selection. The Board shall name a Chairman for the Committee and it shall be his duty to call a committee meeting which shall be held on or before May 1.

(a) From among the members in good standing the Committee shall nominate one candidate for each office and five candidates for the five other positions on the Board, and, after securing the consent of each person so nominated, shall before June 15th report their nominations to the Recording Secretary in writing.

(b) Upon receipt of the Nominating Committee's report, the Recording Secretary shall before July 1st notify each member in writing of the candidates so nominated.

(c) Prior to August 1st, additional nominations may be made by petition to the Recording Secretary. Such petition must be signed by a minimum of five members in good standing, one of whom may represent the associate members' single consensus vote, and must bear statement from the candidate so nominated indicating his willingness to serve.

(d) Not later than August 15th the Recording Secretary shall prepare and mail to all voting members an official ballot listing all candidates for each office in alphabetical order. No person may be a candidate for more than one office.

(e)Nominations cannot be made at the annual meeting or in any manner other than as provided in this Section.

Does your kennel/breed club belong?
Do you belong as an individual?
Are you helping to fight unfair dog legislation?
Are you helping your community pass dog ordinances
that all of us can live with?
Are you helping in the effort to maintain the existence
of “hobby” breeders as opposed to commercial breeders?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you
can start helping by becoming an active Member Club (see list below) or Individual Member of MassFed.

Airedale Terrier Club of New England
     Delegate Jennifer Foote

Baystate Bullmastiff Club
     Stacey Gavin

Bulldog Club of New England
     Delegate Tom Rattigan

Cape Cod Kennel Club
     Delegate John Cappellina

Central New England Brittany Club
     Delegate Dorothy Boyatzi

Charles River Dog Training Club
     Delegate Rebecca Leonard

Classic Toy Dog Club of Western MA
     Delegate Thomas Baldwin

Collie Club of New England
     Secretary Louise Cote

Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club
     Delegate Bonnie Chandler

Concord Dog Training Club
     Delegate Anne Testoni

Eastern Dog Club
     Delegate Ted Hollander

Framingham District Kennel Club
     Delegate Gale Golden

Great Dane Club of New England
     Delegate Laurie Maulucci

Greater Lowell Kennel Club
     Delegate Dorothy Baker

Hockamock Kennel Club
     Delegate Nancy Fisk

Irish Setter Club of New England
     Delegate Kyle Shaffer

Labrador Retriever Club of the Pioneer Valley
     Delegate Gretchen Boss

Ladies' Dog Club
     Delegate Virginia Rowland

Mayflower German Shorthaired Pointer Club
     Delegate Bill Felins

Merrimack Lhasa Apso Club
     Delegate Arna B. Margolies

Middlesex County Kennel Club
     Secretary Joan Gebron

Minuteman Samoyed Club
     Delegate Helen Sullivan

New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
     Delegate Jean Gamble

New England Rottweiler Fanciers
     Alternate Karen Billings

New England Sporting Group Assn
     Delegate Nancy Conner

New England Terrier Club
     Delegate David Healy

Newfoundland Club of America
     Delegate Kathleen Grim

Newfoundland Club of New England
     Secretary Oksana Jackim

North Shore Kennel Club
     Delegate Holly Sheltry

Patriot Papillon Club, Inc.
     Delegate Kim Walsh

Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
     Delegate Darci L. Brown

Scottish Terrier Club of New England
     Delegate Lori Johnson

South Shore Kennel Club, Inc.
     Delegate Darlene Flood

Southern Berkshire Golden Retriever Club
     Delegate Jean Deresienska

Springfield Kennel Club
     Secretary Donna Roy

Town & Country Toy Dog Club of Eastern MA
     Delegate Mary Harrigan

Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc.
     Delegate Julie Rembrandt Seeley

Wampanoag Kennel Club.
     Delegate Monique Bertrand

Worcester County Kennel Club
     Delegate Cynthia Stark

Yankee Golden Retriever Club
     Delegate Judith Erlanger

Yankee Siberian Husky Club
     Delegate John Kenney

Yankee Waterfowlers Hunting Retriever Club
     Secretary Gary Palmer

With new dog legislation being worked on and introduced almost daily, we need to be extremely pro-active in order to ensure that our hobby/sport of breeding and exhibiting dogs is protected. Please review the list of member clubs link. If you belong to a club that IS NOT listed please print a copy of our latest newsletter, take it to your next club meeting and encourage your club to join MassFed. If you are not a member please consider joining MassFed as an individual. The larger our numbers grow and the more we communicate the better our chances become of stopping bad dog legislation.

We always welcome new members! Join MassFed!
MassFed publishes a newsletter sent to homes quarterly beginning February, May, August, and November as part of your membership. Volunteer opportunities are available during the year.

If you have news you feel is appropriate and supports the ideals of this organization, please submit it at any time to the newsletter editor via fax, USPS mail or e-mail.

MassFed News is a newsletter published February, May, August, and November by MFDC&RDO for members. Any portion may be reproduced in the newsletters of member clubs with appropriate credit to sources. Material reproduced from other sources or opinions expressed in this newsletter does not necessarily represent the official position of the Federation or its members. Please send correspondence to: Julie Rembrandt Seeley, Post Office Box 295, Harvard, MA 01451-0295; fax 978-456-8853, e-mail


MassFed Meeting Dates for 2014

February 6 (Thursday)
Board Meeting
DogStar Activity Center

March 6 (Thursday)
General Meeting
Holiday Inn Boxborough
Rep. Gobi will speak about Homeowner's Insurance Issues

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meeting flyer

May 7 (Wednesday)

Canine Education Day
at the State House

Recruit friends
to attend with you!

May 21 (Wednesday)
Board Meeting
Location TBD

July 17 (Thursday)
Board Meeting
Location TBD

August 28 (Thursday)
Board Meeting
Location TBD

September 20 (Saturday)
MassFed Booth at NE PetExpo
Wilmington, MA

October 25 (Saturday)
Annual Meeting CANCELED no quorum
DogStar Activity Center
to follow Dog Law Seminar

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